Content needed for a service business website

If you only click one link on this page, click the “All You Need To Know” button below. If you follow that guide you’ll be building your website on solid ground.

When researching the content needed for a service business website you have one big problem…

Too much information & not enough time

Start with Gill Andrews cheat-sheets and checklists.

If you follow Gill’s simple and practical advice you’ll be streets ahead of most of your competitors.

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All You Need To Know (Gill Andrews website)

I want you to be able to build your own website for your service business. If you have basic computer skills. And you’re willing to keep your site clean, simple and professional looking. You really can build it yourself.

Web design is no longer rocket science

WordPress is similar to a word processor. You don’t need to understand code. You just need the right tools and to follow instructions.

Training videos

Basic training videos are provided by many theme companies such as StudioPress. These get-you-going WordPress training videos are all you need to build a basic website for your service business.

If you don’t have access to WordPress training via your web host or the people you bought your theme from, WP 101 is an affordable way to start. You could also get a book about WordPress from your local library.

Basic SEO

Yoast’s SEO plugin guides you through the basics of on page search engine optimization.

Keep it simple

Professional websites are clean and minimalist in design. Modern point and click software enables novice designers to build very fancy web page layouts. But unless you have real design skills, a fancy site soon looks amateurish.

A clean and minimalist website almost always looks more professional than a site filled with bells and whistles.

Content needed for a service business website

Everybody has their own opinion about the content needed for a service business website.

Trusted advisor

When I look for advice I ask these questions about the person giving the advice…

  • Real world experience: do they have any?
  • Does this make sense to me: could I enthusiastically follow their advice?
  • Can I put this into action myself: or do they want me to spend a lot of money, time and effort following a complicated & costly plan?
  • Trusted advisor or sales person: does the person giving the advice want to help my business succeed or just make a sale?

Who do I trust in my search for the content needed for a service business website?

Chris Garrett

The first time I heard the term Flagship Content was in a free eBook by Chris Garrett Chris is one of the most likable people I’ve come across online. Chris is a man of many talents but as I write this post he is StudioPress Marketing Director at WP Engine.

Chris Garrett’s Flagship Content eBook…

PDF eBook

Gill Andrews

Gill has helped countless website owners convert more readers into clients by improving the content on their websites. Gill freely gives her knowledge, experience and advice back to the community via her blog.

Gill has studied and analysed a lot of websites. Gill gives real world advice that you can put into action yourself. Gill offers two main paid services. Website critique and copywriting critique.

Review Your Website Like a Pro with Gill Andrews free tools and resources…

Free Tools

Ian Brodie

Ian’s website is a treasure chest of real world advice for coaches, trainers and freelance professionals.

My favorite piece of Ian’s advice is his guide to the three important things you and your website need to do…

  • Write blog posts that your potential clients will find via Google, thus finding out about you and your services.
  • Create an eBook or free product to bribe site visitors into joining your mailing list. Then use that mailing list to position yourself as their trusted advisor. The person they’ll want to employ when they need professional help.
  • Keep in touch with your best old clients. Not with automated emails. Write personal messages that offer useful advice, and then offer your services to help them put that advice into action.

Ian’s Website

Ian’s Youtube Chanel

The Conversion Rate Experts

Small business is different to big business but some things are common to all businesses. Whatever size your business you’ll learn a lot from the Conversion Rate Experts.

They are…

“The world’s leading agency for conversion rate optimization (CRO)”

If you want to “make websites that customers love and that are outrageously profitable.” These are the proven experts.

You need a million dollar turnover before they’ll work with you, but their book is surprisingly affordable. My advice is buy it now.

Their book “Making Websites Win is recommended by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Moz, Econsultancy, and many more industry leaders”


Learning Zone

Free Audio Book!

If you need content but you’re already overwhelmed it’s time to team up with Flagship Content.

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