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SEO Keywords in Headlines.

To help you incorporate an SEO keyword naturally into your headings, you can use the following prompt:

Replace the text in the square brackets and make sure you remove the square brackets. Text inside square brackets is considered placeholder text or instructions by ChatGPT so you must replace the text and remove the square brackets before using the prompt.

After editing the prompt, paste it into the text box in ChatGPT.

The text in the box below is the prompt.

"Given the SEO keyword '[Your SEO Keyword]' and the following list of headings:
Heading 1: [Your Heading 1]
Heading 2: [Your Heading 2]
Heading 3: [Your Heading 3]
Heading 4: [Your Heading 4]
Please rewrite these headings in a way that seamlessly incorporates the SEO keyword '[Your SEO Keyword]' while ensuring they sound natural and relevant to the content. The goal is to optimise the headings for search engines without making them appear forced or overly keyword-stuffed."

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