What to put on the homepage of your service business website

If you follow this blueprint you’ll have included the most important content needed to promote your service business.

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Knowing what to put on the homepage of your service business website is no-longer a mystery. I’ve scoured the web and found the answers you need.

You will need…

The page title. This displays as the post or page headline. You may also want to add a sub-headline that expands upon or clarifies your main page title.

A page title and sub headline

This is what I do & these are the people I help
My clients have this problem and this is the end result they get from my services.

Do you need to drive more traffic to your website?
I help small businesses to get listed on the first page of Google, and to win more clients.

Newsletter signup box

Do you send out a Mailchimp newsletter? If you do, you’ll need a newsletter sign up form.

Atomic Blocks adds a newsletter signup block to WordPress. MailChimp also provide newsletter signup form code, that you can copy and paste into your site. To get more subscribers you could include a bribe to subscribe. Such as a free PDF guide or special report.

Client logos

If you’ve worked with any brands that your clients will recognize, you could put those logos below your hero header section.

About us

About us, our Unique Selling Proposition, this is why we’re special.

Your about us section is not about you. It’s about your client, their problem, and why you are the best placed business to solve their problem.

We’re a well established and trustworthy local business. We offer a high quality service at a reasonable price.

Or: We’re the only business in town to offer x service.

Our services

If you offer more than one service, list your three main services. And then provide links to pages that describe each service in more detail.

Portfolio, case studies and testimonials

Don’t tell me your great, show me the proof!

Your portfolio, case studies, testimonials and reviews should provide evidence that you can successfully deliver the services you offer.

What should you include?

Try include a job you’ve done for each of your main client types.

For instance, if you help start ups, freelancers and small businesses. Include work in your portfolio that you’ve done for a start up, a freelancer and a small business.

You want your reader to identify with the businesses in your portfolio. Make them think, here is someone that has experience helping people with my type of business and solving my type of problem.

Contact us

Make it easy for customers or clients to contact you. You could include a contact form, your phone numbers and your email address etc.

You could include your contact details on your homepage or link to a contact us page where you have room to provide more details.

More options​

The list above is a good starting point. But there are more options that you could consider placing on your home page. such as…

Freebies, books, courses, featured posts, videos, articles, your photo, social proof, awards, certificates & Call to action.

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